Weekday Times



Learning Program:  6:00 AM

Shaharit:                7:00 AM

Arbit:                     10:00 PM



Learning Program:  7:00 AM

Shaharit:                8:00 AM

Emunot V'Deot:       9:00 AM


Week Night Learning Program

Mon.-Thurs. 8-10 PM- Hebruta Gemara

Mon. Yabia Omer 8-9 PM- R. David Tawil

Tues. & Thurs. 8:15-9:30 PM Mishnah Berura- R. David Tawil

Tues. 8:30-9:45 PM Rambam's Intro to Mishna- Nissim Alouf

Tues. 9-10 PM Gemara- R. Ike Hanon

Wed. 8:30-10 PM Machshava- R. David Tawil

Wed. 8:30-10 PM Humash/Rashi- Nissim Alouf

Wed. 9:15-10 PM Machshava- R. Jack Savdie

Thurs. 9-10 PM Gemara- R. Ike Hanon






New Learning Program!

It's not too late to join our new morning learning program, led by Rabbi Ike Hanon. We just started, in the slot before Shaharit (6-7 AM). There are multiple teachers, provided by the Rabbinical College, teaching at various levels to cater to everyone. The groups are learning Gemara, Masechet Avodah Zara, but we are prepared to teach any subject of interest.

Please reach out to us to get set up with a Habroota or Group right away.

If you are interested to help fund this initiative, please reach out as well.

Seudah Dedication Opportunities

Shabbat Breakfast (Reg): $252

Deluxe Meat Breakfast:   $601

Deluxe Dairy Breakfast:   $450

Seudah Shelishit: $201

Sunday Breakfast: $101

Weekday Breakfast: $52


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